Vancouver celebrates LGBT community at 40th annual Pride Parade

Tens of thousands of people joined the 40th annual Vancouver Pride Parade.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau was in attendance in this year’s pride.

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  • Mario
    10 August 2018 at 5:43 pm - Reply

    This is the future of American LGBT community, they will be FREE, do everything they want ,if they migrate to Canada. Reason: For the next (35-40 yrs.) we have a Conservative (5-4) majority at the Supreme Court.Justice Gorsuch is 50 yrs old, will retire at 85-90 yrs old. Anytime, same sex marriage will be repeal at the SC, LGBT will lose.Liberal Justice Ginsburg, now 86 said she will retire at 90. From youtube: type; “Trump prophecy 2007”, said he will be re-elected.If Trump is re-elected during his 2nd term, we have a SC (6-3) conservative, everything is possible from the conservatives. If you are a millennial by this time you know already your future. Liberals was expecting that Trump will quit due to Russian collosions, but Trump is winning. ASIAN, Hispanic, and African American reaches the LOWEST un-employment in US HISTORY, FEMALE to the lowest unemplyment in 65 yrs. Those are future Trump voters.