Vallejo, California elects first Filipino mayor


by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN News


VALLEJO, CA — On January 3rd of this year, Bob Sampayan took his oath — officially becoming the first Filipino-American mayor of Vallejo, California.

Born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia — and later moving to California — Sampayan says he will call upon his 31 years in law enforcement, and years experience serving as a Vallejo council-member, to achieve his goals.

With that title and responsibility, Mayor Sampayan says he is ready to uplift the city of Vallejo, while proudly representing the Filipino community.

“I wanted to see positive things happen in our community, because what I saw was that there’s an under-representation of a minority population in Vallejo,” Sampayan said. “When I found that the Filipino community comprised almost one quarter of our population, I thought I could be a voice for a voice that wasn’t heard.”

According to a 2016 study — released by the California-based law offices of Graham Donath — Vallejo is listed as the fourth most dangerous city in the state.

The result was determined through the 2014 crime rates, investment in police, community factors, and geopolitical issues.

Mayor Sampayan says he is aware of the issue of crime in his city, and is confident that his leadership and partnership with the police will ensure safety.

“After we emerged from bankruptcy the numbers of our police department were very low,” he said. “At the height of bankruptcy we were down to right around 70. Now we’ve built our numbers back to over 100, with a cap of 123.”

“One of the things I’ve always believed in is community engagement, community involvement…and that is a division of our police department that is out making inroads in crime prevention.”

Regarding the recent fear surrounding possible immigration raids across the country, Mayor Sampayan wants to remind those who are undocumented that he will do his best to keep them protected.

“Our law enforcement community does not call immigration should they come across a person who is a foreign national that is not in our books,” he reminded.

As the grandson of the famous Filipino writer, Carlos Sampayan Bulosan — author of “America is in the Heart” — Sampayan says that he will honor his roots, by achieving the American dream that his grandfather and many others aspired for, serving to the best of his abilities.

Sampayan will serve four years in office until January 2021.

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  • Tino
    19 May 2019 at 7:25 pm - Reply

    Mr. Mayor you have to do something to alleviate the rampant burglaries going on in this city. In May 1, 2019 alone my house was broken into and the cop says there were 20 burglaries that occurred that day. I told the cop that there were shoe prints on the hood of my car in the garage, I was told that “We don’t do that stuff”. In my street, almost everyone has been burglarized, some houses were broken into 3 times. Neighborhood watch had pictures of these criminals but it seems that nothing much is being done to suppress these on-going crime. Residents are getting so frustrated and encouraging to self-arm for protection. The city should prosecute these criminals, install cameras and be a leader in combating burglaries/home invasion. We worked very hard for what we had, and it is very painful to find out these burglars would just take them away. it’s revolting to come and see as if a tornado hit your home. “PLEASE DO SOMETHING” Mr. Mayor, “DO SOMETHING”!!!