US State Dept: We won’t block PH from opening ties with China, Russia

Concerns about US-Philippines relations and the Philippine economy under the Duterte administration were tackled on Tuesday in New York by a US State Department spokesperson who says ties between the two countries remain strong. Don Tagala has this story.

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  • Mario
    29 September 2016 at 12:56 am - Reply

    Good strategy from Duterte, opening ties with Russia and China is very important. Look what happened on Vietnam, their economy is booming, they were devastated after the Vietnam war, now their economy is much better then the PH. Vietnam were equipped with Russian made SU-34 fighterjets,tanks, missile and a joint venture with Russia to develop anti ship 600 miles cruise missile, installed on small attack boats.Cam Ran Bay is occupied by Russian Navy and it is the stop-over for gas supply on the Russian Bear bomber that circle the globe. Due to close tie-up between Russia and Vietnamese, US was intrigue so they help Vietnam economy by bring-in American manufacturing company.Look at our neighboring countries including China, it was US who helped their economy. These were the complaint by Marcos during his time and said to the American, “we fought side by side during WW2, home come you went ahead to help Japan, Korea,first and all Asian countries except the PH.” That comment made the US Media,US politicians started to hate Marcos, the truth is; US knew that PH will ever be loyal to America, so no need to help them.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    1 October 2016 at 6:28 am - Reply

    Don’t know why anyone is against establishing ties with China…you can around the world and try to buy something like clothing, check the tag and it shows China…I was in Japan, bought several items, most of it were made from China…was in Dubai, Bahrain, Jebel Ali, etc., I’ve seen the same…

    Instead of talking directly to Marcos (during his time) or Duterte (at present), these politicians would rather use the “media” as the credible source of information. After all, we are humans, we all listen to sensationalized information and easily get carried away with our emotions, then we become judgemental…no objectivity, but judgemental with half truth information…

    When we say the US helped Japan and Korea first after WWII, we’re way off on that line! The US have and always helped the Philippines. For example, when Clark Air Force Base and Subic Naval Base were fully operational, how much economic impact these bases have on Philippines economy alone? Was there at least 15,000 employees working at each base…you better believe it! How much military surplus were given to the Philippine military, we’re they able to kick some “ass” in Mindanao? You better believe it!

    How about security (including maritime) in the region? During those times, China was not invading the disputed islands?

  • h
    3 October 2016 at 11:48 am - Reply

    Leave Philippines alone they can do what ever they want. Yes they have a new President and he is smart and know, what he is doing with his country Philippines.