State attorneys urge President Trump to stop public charge rule amid coronavirus pandemic

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, according to 17 U.S. state attorneys, the Trump administration has to halt implementing the new public charge policy, which began last week, because the attorneys said it deters immigrants from using medical benefits.

Under the new rule, immigration officials can refuse to grant green cards if they see a history of welfare use.

“If you collected any sort of public benefits in the past exceeding a certain amount of time, that includes welfare, public housing.  Unfortunately, if you’re old, you are deemed to be unemployable, this might affect your chances of getting an immigrant visa,” said lawyer Edward Carrasco.

According to a Migration Policy Institute analysis released on Thursday, about 167,000 people could be affected with the public charge rule.

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  • Mario
    14 March 2020 at 7:18 am - Reply

    Anyone can go to Walmart, CVS, Walgreen Target etc. parking lot and have it tested free of charge. Go to the CDC webpage and find out the nearest location of CDC FREE testing. They never ask if you are a green card holder or illegal aliens. TRUMP can not change the SUPREME GOURT ruling on PUBLIC CHARGE, are you a lawyer or a Boys Scout you should know the Law. SC is the highest Court of the land. Remember it was a judge at the Circuit Court stop Trump public charge, WH made an appeal to Appellate court, 6 judges objected, WH made the appeal to the Supreme Court, Trump won SC is 5-4 conservative. Jus. Gorsuch 53 will retire at 85 yrs old, meaning SC is 30 years CONSERVATIVE. Trump-appointed 218 lifetime Judges and became Conservative majority at the lower Court. Most Trump appointees as judges are 35 yrs old, retire at 85. Millennial who are liberal, their dream is over. SC is conservative for the next 30-50 years. The Lower Court will kill them immediately, if get lucky, the SC will finshed them. Join the winning team, conservative movement, and MAGA.