US Pinoys join global rally vs. Marcos hero’s burial

Filipino Americans joined a worldwide protest aimed at sending a message to President Rodrigo Duterte to cancel his plan of giving former President Ferdinand Marcos a hero’s burial. Don Tagala reports.

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  • Probinsiyano
    10 September 2016 at 6:47 am - Reply

    To all the FilAms-Filipinos and alike, this for you to know. If your family and friends feel bad because of these facts, let it be and live with the lies you’ve been told. You can never win an argument with one sided information. Instead, you will or is going to cause problems.

    You’ll have liers in New York tell you some vague story today that her sister was unjustly detained for being political activist? Another liar would come out on BA saying the Philippines military “burn his balls” while in custody? Another one was unjustly detained for being a messenger for the MNLF/CPP-NPA? The fact and the matter is that the CPP-NPA top leadership were imprisoned including Ninoy Aquino, the real leader. MNLF fled to another country and Mindanao was a better place then. Political activism, especially from the University of the Philippines like Tita Loida Nicolas Lewis and her sister, would not tell that they are the radical-liberal front runners, in other words nothing but trouble.

    There was this guy who accused Marcos medals were fake? I wonder if he served in the Philippines Army during WWII? Did he served with Marcos during WII then? First of all, this guys Gaje or whatever, sounds like he was out of breath the same time he was talking. Bayan-USA was out there lying and accusing Marcos of stealing billion dollars? Sorry Tita, even the Philippines government failed to prove that in N.Y.

    You was to call Marcos a dictator, let’s see how great he was…

    The great, unparalleled or unmatched achievements during the Marcos regime.

    1. Cultural Center of the Philippines
    2. The Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas (Folk Arts Theater)
    3. Philippine International Convention Center
    4. Makiling Center for the Arts(National Arts Center)
    5. Nayong Pilipino
    6. People’s Park in the Sky
    7. Philippine Heart Center
    8. Lung Center of the Philippines
    9. The National Kidney and Transplant Institute
    10. San Juanico Bridge