US Navy rescues Filipino fishermen stranded in the South China Sea

Over in the South China Sea, Fil-Am crew members aboard a US Navy ship played a key role in assisting a pair of Filipino fishermen who were stranded at sea without food.

According to a statement from the US Navy, the USS Mustin was conducting routine operations on Tuesday amid heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms, when Fil-Am watch-standers Nicasio Boneh and Arleen Castro spotted the two fishermen aboard a bangka or small boat frantically waving.

Castro says the fisherman had no way of contacting the coast guard for help. The fishermen and their boat were later towed to safety and provided with three days of food.

“That pride extends from my bridge watch officers who spotted the Filipino mariners in the distance, indicating distress by waving their shirts over their heads, to our Tagalog speakers who could break through the language barrier to determine the extent of the distress….” said Commanding Officer Warren Smith.

Smith expressed pride in the Tagalog-speaking sailors who translated for the fisherman to determine the extent of the situation.

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