US Navy issues finding in deadly crashes at sea

New findings in two deadly crashes at sea that occurred earlier this year, involving US Navy ships, one of which took the life of a Filipino American sailor from Southern California.

The Navy has found that a pair or ship collisions this year were preventable and caused by multiple failures of service members.

One of the collisions investigated the USS Fitzgerald, which collided with a Philippine-flagged cargo ship boat off the coast of Japan last June.


Among the seven casualties of that crash was Filipino American sailor Carlos Sibayan of San Diego, CA.

The Navy’s reports says that the recent collisions involving the Fitzgerald, as well as the USS Mccain, were both the results of a failure to employ basic collision prevention protocols.

Both ships were based in Japan.


Back in June, BA spoke with Sibayan’s family. They told us they’ll always remember Sibayan for his courage and his sense of duty to his country and to his family.


“He is, in every sense of the word, he’s my hero. We just borrowed this time from God. So now he has to go back,” said his mother Carmen.

“I want people to remember him as the hero he was. He was my role model, my little brother’s role model,” said brother Vince. “He was the father figure of our family, as my father was deployed for 21 years straight and I just want people to know how amazing he was.”

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