US mayors denied entrance into detention facility where migrant children are kept

TORNILLO, TX — Mayors from across the country are in El Paso, Texas today, hoping to get inside this tent facility in Tornillo.

Hundreds of children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border are reportedly staying here, before they are moved to different shelters across the country.

But the mayors were denied entry, like senators and other officials who tried before.

“So you’re looking at some bipartisanship right now. You are looking at some purpose. We came here to tell the American people that there is that hope,” said NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Just yesterday, the New York City mayor expressed his shock to learn that 239 children separated from their families at the border in Texas are now living in a shelter in New York City.

“One of the children I talked about him earlier, a young man named Eddie, 9 years old from Honduras, he was sent here 2,000 miles on a bus to this location and he does not know when he will see his mother again.”

For Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, being at this port of entry is personal. His grandfather entered the united states through this same port when he was just a year old.

Garcetti says he welcomes President Trump’s effort to end separating migrant children from their parents, but the executive order he signed on Wednesday does not end his administration’s zero tolerance policy that calls for prosecution of immigrants crossing the border illegally.

“Yesterday was the right thing to do but it leaves as many questions unanswered as it resolves. We have over 2,000 children still far away from their parents and hundreds of them streaming into our cities. Over a hundred in my city,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “We don’t know any information about them. We have to find out from activists instead of our government.”

The United States Conference of Mayors is calling for the immediate reunification of separated families.

“There is a defining opportunity in front of us right now to combine our respect for the rule of law with human decency, civility and kindness. An opportunity to work together to calm this chaos,” said Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett.

Meanwhile, President Trump just directed federal agencies today to begin reuniting children and parents who had been separated at the border.

The president’s announcement came as First Lady Melania Trump visited a border detention facility in Texas.

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