US college with most Pinoy students welcomes Obama’s free tuition plan

SAN FRANCISCO — Citing how a majority of new jobs will soon require higher education and how many Americans cannot afford it, President Barack Obama outlined his proposal to combat this problem.

“That’s why I’m sending this Congress a bold new plan to lower the cost of community college — to zero!” he said.

The president’s plan would provide free tuition to half-time students who maintain a C+ average, have a mentor, and perform community service work, while working toward a degree or transferring to a four-year institution.

According to the White House, two free years of community college will benefit nine million students and save a full time student an average of $3,800 per year.

The president cited how free community college is working in Tennessee and Chicago.

“I want to spread that idea all across America so that two years of college becomes as free and universal in America as high school is today.”

Recent findings also show that 71 percent of students working towards a bachelor’s degree will graduate with a debt averaging $29,400.

Under the proposal, the federal government would cover 75 percent of the average cost of community college while the states cover the remaining quarter.

Jeanne Batallones, who chairs the Philippine Studies Department at City College of San Francisco, welcomes the president’s idea of free community college tuition.

“We need this desperately, especially in California and most especially in San Francisco,” she said.

City College has lost students due to a recent battle with accreditation. But Batallones adds that the increase in fees has also hurt the mainly low income immigrant students.

With 4,000 of its 35,000 students at City College identifying as Filipino, the campus has the largest population of Filipino students in any school outside of the Philippines.

“Poor students have been taxed in order to pay for school,” Batallones said. “By making community colleges free, it really benefits the public because enrollment will create revenue for the school. Enrollment will preserve programs such as Philippine Studies and it will drive the economy.”

“Republicans have already stated that President Obama’s proposals are costly programs that the country simply cannot afford right now — including free community college. They say these kinds of measures are not likely to pass, especially in a Republican-led Congress.”



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  • noz
    22 January 2015 at 1:50 am - Reply

    “By making community colleges free, it really benefits the public because enrollment will create revenue for the school”. so how will the school create revenue when you all will not pay, oh yeah from the hardworking taxpayers. bloodsucking leeches created by obobo celebrating communism in america. you all need to get lost, enough of these lazies, who do not know the values of hard work, love the idea of living off on other people’s hard earned dollars, taught by obobo’s ideologue.

    • Kenikeni
      22 January 2015 at 2:06 pm - Reply

      Hater! Get a life looser.

    • Delia
      24 January 2015 at 7:48 am - Reply

      Obama should be forced to open his college records before he spews anything out of his mouth about college and college funding.

      Community college” free does not mean it is free , Also, every time Obama claims something to be “free” there are numerous “conditions” that is never explained. “Free” in Obama’s world means someone pays but nothing in the “government” is free except standing in line.

      Obama knows full well what he is doing ,he always throws the “Free Jello” against the wall , and there are hordes of people believe that the Jello is free. Obama is the “master of con artist” to divide people.

  • Delia
    22 January 2015 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    The liberals, who occupy the choke points of power in western civilization, are our culture’s auto immune disease.

  • Delia
    23 January 2015 at 11:01 am - Reply

    The debt just hit $18,000,000,000,000. Pretty soon, it won’t matter what liberals want to spend money on because it will all come crashing down and the entitlement society will be wiped away, probably along with the PC “culture,” too.

    People who live in families and people who have marketable blue-collar skills like plumbing and roofing will survive. Those with degrees in Gender Studies and who live in high-rises where they can’t grow or hunt their own food won’t.
    It really doesn’t matter that the “successes” of liberalism might never be voted away; the financial situation liberals put us in will do that by fiat.