URCC features action-packed fights, Filipino MMA fighters

Since its first mainstream event in 2002, the Universal Reality Combat Championship, or URCC, has become the premiere Asian company that brings action-packed fights to fans.

With its roots in the Philippines, the URCC is holding its second US event at the San Mateo event center in California on Saturday, September 30th.

Nico Rivera, president of URCC USA, says American fans will not be disappointed because the URCC puts together quality fights.

“URCC’s goal is to look for fighters who will actually fight in the cage. We want to look for the best fighters that go all out inside the cage and look for the finish.”

Back in January at the first URCC event, Filipino fighters were proudly showcased.

Fil-Am Derrick Easterling captured the flyweight title with a second-round submission victory — and Chris Hoffman scored a technical knockout victory to retain his middleweight title.

On Saturday, the main event will be split in two separate fights, featuring Fil-Ams Ryan Dela Cruz and Ian Dela Cuesta — both of Hawaii Elite MMA.

“I think Filipinos are just naturally born fighters. That’s just what we do. We just have that passion to fight and it’s been in our history to fight.”

According to the URCC, many title holders who live in the Philippines want to display their talents in the US — and the URCC plans to make that happen soon.

“As of right now we are working on their papers. It just takes a while. This is a new thing for URCC so we’re still going through the process.

According to Rivera, the next fighting event to be held in the US will take place in Hawaii in February.

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