Unusual tech gadgets appear at CES 2017 tradeshow

by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


LAS VEGAS, NV — Away from the main convention floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a hall at the bottom of the Sands Expo, where many start-up companies are featuring interesting, but beneficial products to consumers.

Part of the tech driven beauty age is a hair care gadget, with sensors and a microphone integrated in the brush. The smart brush will determine how wet or dry a user’s hair is. Analyzing sound provides a score of how healthy a person’s hair is.

All of these features are connected to a mobile app that provides data on the person’s hair brushing activity.

Tired of waking up to the sound of your alarm clock? Try waking from a scent. The Sensorwake is an alarm clock that wakes up a person through scents — designed to start your day in a more gentle way.

“Not bad fragrant because our objective is to wake up in a good mood,” said inventor Yoko Garrido.

One of the wildest wearable technologies this year is a product designed just for women. Vagenie is connected to your smartphone, and it promises to strengthen women’s pelvic floor with Kegel exercises.

“Kagels are really boring but they are incredibly important,” said Vagenie’s Julia Rose. “So what we do we teach women how to do their Kagels correctly, and they play video games that are controlled by their pelvic floor muscles exercises.”

Kino-mo, a London based tech start-up is a crowd drawer at this year’s CES. Hypervsn uses LED-based technology to create holograms that appear to float in thin air. The display can clearly be seen at a distance, even if the surroundings are brightly-lit.

Meanwhile, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi produces its own range of home appliances. A smart rice cooker works with an app that enables you to scan the barcode of a packet of rice, and it will tell you at what temperature and how long the cooking will take.

These technologies may seem unusual or bizarre to some, but seeing them all under one roof at CES 2017 is a big part of the draw each year of this giant international showcase.


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