UNLV students closely monitoring Trump’s executive orders


by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


LAS VEGAS, NV — With over 1,400 international students, 200 scholars and researchers from 80 countries UNLV is one of the most diverse universities in the country.

People we talked to on campus say President Donald Trump’s new executive orders on immigration have created widespread confusion and uncertainty — not only here in southern Nevada, but across the country.

Christian Bato of iAmerica says that Trump is unpredictable, and questions which country will be number 8 on his order, following the 7 already Muslim-majority banned countries.

“For the last 12 days, we have seen a lot of fear, a lot of divisive action and rhetoric… and I think the community is ready to say that we’ve had enough, and we are willing to go out there mobilizing, organizing, and begin fighting back,” Bato said.

Bato adds that raising awareness by educating the community is imperative, to avoid confusion about changing policies.

“For our community, we need to stay united, on a united front… not just within ourselves, but with everyone else who has been a victim of these actions and policies in the last few days,” he says.  “This administration is showing that they are willing to single out certain groups from building the wall, to now banning certain groups of people based on their religion. I think they’ve shown that they are willing to go after with anybody…”

“Our community should not be waiting for that to happen. We need to make our voices heard. We need to call our elected officials, and tell them that the Filipino community votes, that we are valuable members of society, and we stand in solidarity with all the other communities out there.”

Meanwhile, Karl Catarata, a Fil-Am student leader of UNLV, says that the Muslim ban could also happen to other minorities in the country based on Trump’s mood of the day.

“There is a lot of fear, a lot of specific anxiety, and fear that if this [immigration ban] is happening to someone else, what if this happens to us?” he says. “Its extremely fearful and extremely saddening to see that there are undocumented DACA students who are Filipinos, that also fear this specific anxiety, fear, and alarm…just hopelessness that they might be revoked and pulled out of our university.”

UNLV issued a statement that they are working closely with the US State Department and elected politicians in Nevada, to determine and address the effects of the changes.



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  • Mario
    2 February 2017 at 5:27 pm - Reply

    Attorney General Jeff Session is already confirmed, wait for new immigration ruling. The 7 Muslim country banned was hand pick by Obama and the Democrat congress on 2011,6 month banned for harboring and training terrorist. Trump signed an exec.order “Extreme Vetting” for 90 days for Muslims coming from the 7 countries.And 120 days suspension for Refugees coming from Syria. If ever AG Session prepare # 8 country ban it will be Pakistan. But, in my opinion, Mindanao Muslims getting entry visa to US will have a hard time at the US Embassy in the Manila. They will get in to US, but will undergo extreme vetting..WH docs show that Carter issued travel ban once on Iranian, Reagan issued travel ban 4 times,Bush Sr none, Clinton 6 times, Bush jr 4 times and Obama 6 times..That time the media and the left never stage any rally, only on Trump. The leftist media still in shocked for the victory of Trump, sorry, we won, you lose, get use to it. Its a wonderful time to have Trump.