University of the Philippines looks to foreign scholars to teach at schools

SAN FRANCISCO – The University of the Philippines has helped them succeed in life and so members of the UP Alumni are doing what they can to help their alma matter.

They joined UP officials in embarking on a road show in the US and in Europe.

The goal is to encourage foreign-trained Ph-D’s and post doctoral fellow to teach and conduct research in UP as faculty members and to push Filipino experts and foreign professors and researches to spend up to two months in UP to teach courses, mentor graduate students and collaborate with other UP professors.

“It was great when I went back as a balik-scientist in the balik-scientist program,” said Michael Velarde, PhD of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and UP alum. “I learned a lot of what they are doing specifically and actually I’ve seen the need of it. In fact, there are very few professors just in the cell biology program. And so just by seeing that need I feel that I could really contribute so much.”

UP officials also hope to invite prominent world leaders in the academe and other fields to give special lectures in UP.

They also hope to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate UP students to take extra courses in a foreign university.

UP officials believe this exchange of ideas will benefit the Philippines in the long-term.

“We may have the good ideas from our national leaders and they are trying their best to implement these ideas but if you do not have the complement of highly trained professionals and innovators in the country – then those good programs will not last,” said Gisela Padilla-Concepcion PhD, UP Vice-President of Academic Affairs. “They will not be sustainable.”

For more information regarding the different programs to teach and conduct research at the University of the Philippines you can visit their website at

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