United Playaz nonprofit gets sizable donation from prominent athletes

SAN FRANCISCO — “Today I’ll be donating 10k to United Playaz, the organization that my brother Steph Curry chose. And he’s been generous to match 10k for a total of 20k.”

“To be able to help support the United Playaz foundation out in San Francisco who are providing resources and a sense of direction out in San Francisco. I appreciate Colin being able to help me support the Bay Area.”

These are two of the world’s most recognizable athletes — saying they will be donating $20,000 to Fil-Am Rudy Corpus’ non-profit United Playaz.


Initially, Corpuz thought it was too good to be true.

After finally answering a phone call from an unfamiliar number — he questioned if it was really people from Kaepernick’s camp wanting to give his organization money.


“I thought they was playing. I said, ‘ok, who recommended Colin Kaepernick?’ they said Steph Curry. I said ‘aw, you really playing!’ I hung up. And sure enough they kept calling. I answered the phone and we took it from there, and it was true.”

Corpuz says he was surprised that curry even remembered him due to the short amount of time they interacted at different community events.

“A lot of positive things he invited us to and we started coming. And when we got there we greeted him got to shake his hand but no longer than 10 seconds but he was paying attention all that time. So when it came to put his money where his mouth is he chose us. Out of any organization in the nation Steph chose United Playaz. Imagine that!”

Corpuz says the money will benefit two groups of people his organization already serves.

“$10,000 will go towards the brothers going home from the penetaries and the other $10,000 will going to the kids from the elementaires. So from the penetaries to the elementaries.”

Corpuz says he and his staff at United Playaz are very grateful for Kaepernick and Curry, and says they are more motivated to continue their work.

“We’re giving back and that’s what we should do as human beings to give back to some people who ain’t got it like that. I’m just very fortunate. I’m one man, one Filipino man who God has chosen to do his work to touch the whole world.”


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