United Playaz’ annual gun buyback program happening this weekend in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Police Department and the city’s Mayor Mark Farrell, along with mayor-elect London Breed, gathered to show their support for this weekend’s annual gun buyback program.

San Francisco officials praise Fil-Am founder and director of United Playaz, Rudy Corpuz, for the program and credits it for the increased safety in the city.

“When our country and our congress and our president continue to do everything that flies in the face of San Francisco values, San Francisco is stepping up,” said Mayor Farrell.

Those involved in the gun buy-back say that each gun turned in — is at least one life saved.

“Our goal is to help people out there with guns understand the tragedy that they are inflicting on the lives of the people that have to suffer the consequences because of their mistakes,” said Breed.

Fil-Am Pati Navalta Poblete’s son Robby was a victim of gun violence in 2014 — and has since organized her own gun buybacks in the north bay.

Poblete and Corpuz met in Atlanta last April as invited guests to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.

Poblete and Corpuz planted trees with King’s granddaughter, using shovels made from recycled weapons.

“He comes from a different story. He was an ex-convict and he turned his life around. I also came from darkness in a sense where my son was killed on the streets of Vallejo by gun violence. And I turned grief around. And I think that says something to the resilience of the Filipino spirit. We talk about that a lot, turning hardship into positive and we’ve both done that.”

The gun buyback will be held this Saturday at the United Playaz headquarters 1038 Howard St., from 8 am to 12 noon.

They offer $100  for handguns, $200 for assault rifles, no questions asked.

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