Undocumented Pinoys fear Trump deportation orders

Southern California, while the president may have delayed plans for mass deportation, undocumented Filipinos are laying low and getting ready for the possible worst case scenario.

Undocumented immigrants like Coco are on high alert.

A possible labor trafficking victim, he’s been living in the United States for past two years without documents, working as a live-in caregiver.

“Nakaka trauma, nakaka takot. Yung Iba hindi na lumalabas parang mag trabaho minsan naka absent tapos may kaibigan ako na sakit ayaw nya mag pachaga kasi natakot sya isa sya mag sasali dun sa raid ni Donald Trump.”

President Donald Trump has warned ICE will deport some 2,000 people in 10 cities, who are on final deportation orders.

About 140 immigrants are targeted in Los Angeles, where city leaders and local law enforcement officials say they will not help in any deportations.

While it was originally expected to begin this past weekend, he’s delayed the actions for two weeks to give Congress time to work on an immigration bill.

“But again, if Congress gave us something quickly on asylum, something quickly on loopholes, where we get rid of the loopholes, the border would be so beautiful. But the Democrats just won’t do it. But maybe now they will because there’s no question you have a national emergency.”

The groups Moms against Sanctuary States and Make Cali Great, led by Filipina Rachel Gunther, officially launched efforts to re-elect President Trump last week. The groups welcome the president’s plans to deport undocumented immigrants, especially those with criminal records.

In a message to BA, Rachel Gunther says that she is unsure though if Congress will be able to make progress on an immigration reform bill.

While Coco has no criminal record, he has already made plans if the day immigrations should come.

“Pag darating isama ko sa ano alam ko magagawin ko hindi ako sasagot. Pag huli ako, hindi ako mag papapirma anong documento na walang consultation sa lawyer ko or organizations na tutulong sa buying California.”

Immigrant rights advocates in the Los Angeles area have set up a rapid response network for people who have been detained by ICE. The hotline number is ‪323-894-1504


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  • Mario
    25 June 2019 at 11:53 pm - Reply

    Trump give(2) weeks delay for the Democrat to fixed the Immigration loophole, it will take them only ONE hour to solve the Immigration reform and loopholes. The Democrat will not allow Trump to succeed, he is the most accomplished US Prez we ever had. Therefore Deportation will go on as usual,deportation of illegal will allow Trump to easily win the election. Illegal can not vote, some are being used as flying voters, US citizen QUITELY wanted this deportation to go on. Illegal CAREGIVERs received low wages as stay home, way down below on the regular wage law. Restaurant workers for illegal Hispanic will accept $3/hr. Cash, free foods, free take home left over food versus a legal US citizen voters who accept $9/hr.Illegal alien are stealing the jobs of US voter simple as that. Filipino illegals are the most victims, this is Pinoy culture, their best friends, relatives will be the one to report them to ICE,”baka umasenso at lalagpasan sila.”