Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

NEW YORK — The two gigantic floor-to-ceiling screens as well as another screen that stretched across the floor of the Park Avenue Armory made for a spectacular unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 in New York City on Wednesday.

The smartphone that started the big screens just got bigger — the Note8 has a huge 6.3-inch amoled display with 2k native resolution, yet it has a perfect grip.

“The infinity display is actually my favorite, that’s my favorite, you can see from the demos, that you can just put your phone there, it’s the exact image that you capture so,” said Tina Tenpla.

It’s the next level smartphone for people who want to do bigger things.

“It’s enhanced, it’s intelligent, it’s a great communications tool and it’s our first phone with dual camera, with dual iOS and live focus,” said Chad Sotelo, marketing director of Samsung Philippines.

With two 12 megapixel rear cameras, the Note 8 has the best-in-class smartphone cameras.

The Note 8’s live focus feature allows users to control the depth of field allowing for the bokeh effect, in preview mode and even after taking the photo.

Using this enhanced docking station, Galaxy Note 8 powers up Samsung Dex and becomes a desktop computer.

When it comes to security, note 8 offers several biometric authentication such as the iris and fingerprint scanning, as well as knox defense-grade security to prevent hacking.

Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s way of making right Note 7’s battery disaster that got it banned in many airlines around the world.

“We disappointed our fans with the note 7, but we’ve learned from it, we’ve instituted our 8-point battery check system,” said Sotelo. “On top of multiple fixes and improvements to the production process.”

And as a gesture of reconciliation, Note 7 owners may trade in their current phone for up to $425 off the Note 8.

Eligible Note 7 owners can claim their discount on Samsung.com with their pre-orders starting today.

Source: https://www.Theverge.Com/2017/8/23/16189724/samsung-galaxy-note-7-discounts-note-8-unpacked-2017

The Galaxy Note 8 will be available on September 15 in the US, and September 29 in the Philippines.

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