#UnapologeticallyAsian campaign brings Asian American stars and leaders together in solidarity against racism

In previous years, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is filled with celebrations of the progress that the community has made in various fields, including entertainment.

But since the pandemic started, instead of rejoicing at hard-fought wins, Asians have found themselves under racist verbal and physical attacks.

To help combat the hate, a group of Asian actors and stars, including Fil-Am leaders, formed a campaign called “Unapologetically Asian.”

Among celebrities who have participated include Dante Basco, Lana Condor, Osric Chau and Michele Selene Ang.

“Unapologetically Asian is a campaign to empower all Asian and Asian Americans to take pride in who we are and change the conversation about belonging in America, because we do.

Because we do, as Americans.

We are the fastest-growing population in the United States, and it’s time for us to claim our power as one of the beautiful parts of the mosaic that gives American diversity its strength.”

The campaign also recently spotlighted Asian-American journalist Weijia Jiang of CBS News, who stood up against President Trump when he answered her question with a seemingly unrelated reference to her ethnicity.

The “Unapologetically Asian” campaign encourages Asians and Asian Americans to proudly declare their heritage at a time when some are unfairly targeting the community.

Organizers said they hope the campaign will boost the community’s strength and confidence amid the fearful times.

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