UN Climate Summit: Advocates are unhappy with the agreement

By Jekki Pascual

The United Nations Climate Change Summit in Lima, Peru went overtime, ending on December 13 when it should have finished on December 12.

The result: an agreement that would push all nations to do their share in combating global warming.

The agreement calls on governments to submit a plan on how they will cut carbon pollution. For the first time, the agreement commits all countries, including developing nations.

But many climate advocates are not too happy with the deal.

“There should be enough commitments. Have we seen that? No we haven’t seen that,” said Khevin Yu, of the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice. “We’ve just seen them not doing anything, just delaying.”

The group says the deal does not require developed nations to provide technology and resources –including financial support – to those who suffer the effects of climate change. They add, the deal also does not compel developed nations, which are top emitters of greenhouse gases, to increase carbon emission.

“The deal violates our right to survive – the Philippine government allowed it to do it,” said Khevin Yu, “so we are demanding so much for climate justice, more finance, adaptation. This is an issue of survival.”

Strong typhoons affect the country every year, and environmentalists say Filipinos must act now and do more to stop global warming.

With a few months to go before a new global deal on climate change is set to be approved in Paris, environmentalists and advocates are still hopeful their demands will still be heard for the survival of the planet.

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  • Mario
    16 December 2014 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    Typhoon has nothing to do with global warming, my great grandmother was named after typhoon Maria in PH, she was born on 1900. Typhoon is a cycle, the same thing with global warming or global cooling,which is caused by the sun. You liberals Democrats environmentalist try to brain washed us, that it is man made, so that you can collect “Carbon Tax”. This is a racket.