UFC fighters weigh in on who will win the Pac-May mega-fight

LOS ANGELES – Manny Pacquiao kicked off day five of training for his Floyd Mayweather showdown with an early morning jog and workout in front of a growing crowd of fans gathered at Griffith Park.

Perhaps no one respects a fighter more than fellow fighters, no matter their discipline.

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship recently in the Pacman’s backyard, some of its stars gave their take on the fight of the century.

“We’ve been waiting for this fight for how long now. I mean forever, I can’t wait to watch that fight. Can’t wait can’t wait,” said the Filipino Wrecking Machine Mark Munoz.

Throughout the festivities, many of the fighters gave their thoughts on the May 2nd bout.

“Mayweather, you know he’ll go all out,” said top light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson during a fan question and answer session.

“I’m excited for it. I’m a big Pacquiao fan. I’m impressed with Mayweather. Also his skill set is pretty impressive. The speed and the power — they both have it I’m excited to see who wins,” said Urijah Faber, who will be fighting in Manila on May 16.

Frankie Edgar who is headlining the UFC Fight Night in the Philippines with Faber echoes the UFC president’s sentiment who believes the fight should have been done much earlier.

“It’s the fight of the century, right? It’s a fight people have been talking about for so long. I’m just happy it’s finally going to get done,” said Edgar.

He added: “It’s so tough to pick. I kind of agree with Dana (White). If this fight was a few years ago, Pacquiao would be an easy pick. Now it’s a little bit of a toss up.”

As for the hottest name in the UFC right now,  women’s champion Ronda Rousey said, “Pacquiao has been very very nice to me so I got to root for him.”

She may also be one of the luckiest UFC fighters as Top Rank Chief Bob Arum has promised the women’s champion a ringside seat to the Pacquiao matchup.

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