U.S. health officials say not to panic despite number of COVID-19 deaths

SEATTLE, WA — U.S. health officials have reported that a Washington man in his 70s has died due to coronavirus or COVID 19 – the second fatality in the U.S. due to the disease.

There are 86 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Sunday, with new cases reported in New York, Florida, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

7 U.S. patients have recovered from COVID-19 infection.

Health officials said the Seattle man who died of COVID-19 had underlying health conditions just like the woman who was the first to die in the U.S. from the disease.

Both were residents of the same nursing facility.

Some Fil-Ams in Seattle said this is a concern for them living in the area.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that while infections in children have been reported – it remains low and contained.

We are gonna be instituting a new cleaning protocols in our school, on public transportation etc, where they will use disinfectant, many will use bleach, which is a good protocol anyway during the flu season,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

“I think people should remain calm, because when you’re kind of in a panic situation you don’t make the best decision, we have to be vigilant… the big thing on the news, make sure you wash your hands and use hand sanitizer,” said Seattle resident Aileen Dingess.

The CDC advises the usual preventive actions to avoid infection, including using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep hands clean, social distancing or avoiding people who are sick, and staying up to date on vaccinations, including the influenza vaccine.

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