U.S. government shutdown continues over immigration

As the government shutdown continues over disagreements on immigration, thousands of lives — especially for federal employees — are being disrupted. In Congress, no resolution has been made regarding security at the border.

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  • Mario
    29 December 2018 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    Trump issues new ultimatum to Democrats, build the border Wall or close the Border.”A country can not exist without a border”. Pelosi will only act when she will be appointed as the Speaker of the House. Trump is in favor on Pelosi as Speaker because Pelosi is one of the riches woman in America, believed in Capitalism, she will throw out or put them aside, most of the young/old Socialist,Communist within the Democrat Party. With her proven credibility being the only person who can raise $5.5Billion during the Midterm. There are 20 or more Democrat Presidential Candidate for the Primary. But, Pelosi, had her own mind, will only work with one candidate..HClinton, this will guarantee her to be the Speaker of the House for life. HClinton had already 20 scheduled speaking engagement for 2019. Shutdown will continue until,next year.