U.S. congressional hearing looks at alleged human rights violations under the Duterte administration

WASHINGTON D.C. – “In the Philippines, Duterte has used his ‘war on drugs’ to justify rampant human rights abuses including these extra-judicial killings and imprisonment of opposition figures… I am especially concerned about the plight of indigenous people.”

That’s U.S. Representative Ann Wagner, a vice ranking member of the house committee on foreign affairs.

She is among representatives who listened to the testimonies of human rights advocates and defenders from different parts of world, who attended Thursday’s congressional hearing examining the human rights situation in the Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

U.S. President Duterte sort of attacks most of his critics, anything that sort of not seen aligned with his agenda, he either imposes sedition charges against… I think U.S. has a very important relationship with the Philippines and that provides leverage for us to be able to raise things at the highest level.”

For members of the Malaya Movement – this leverage could mean the U.S. threatening to cut $193 million in U.S. aid to the Philippines — if the alleged abuses continue.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    30 July 2019 at 2:18 am - Reply

    According to Persevero Antonio (Brentwood Fil-Am Organizer), the Malaya Movement is the typical pompous Ivy-League know-it-all human rights advocate. But you cannot even hear or see their shadow when President Aquino was indicted by IHRC, No one bothered any congressman or senator so that they can cry about human rights abuses…