U.S. Census outreaches to Asian communities through personalized language materials

Pasadena, CA — The countdown to the population count is on, and census officials are making sure that Asian Americans, regardless of immigration status, and living arrangements, would fill out their census forms, which takes place every ten years.

One of their strategies is to present this “Shape Your Future” slogan in various languages, including Tagalog.

“Asian language taglines were not intended to be simple direct translations but instead developed with careful consideration uniquely and culturally made to speak to our respective Asian audiences,” said Tim Wang, Founder & Principal, TDW+Co

Census officials are hoping this would encourage Asian Americans to truly realize the importance of being counted and represented.

“We do hear also in the community about the general fear of providing information but what is more important is people don’t know how it benefits the community so once we’re out in the community building partners with schools non profit organizations faith based organizations so that way they know that all of that data that we collect will go back to the community to help improve the programs and services for our kababayans,” said Ivy Daulo.

Dulao added that even visiting and temporary workers should also include themselves in the census, despite America not being their permanent home.

“Of course no double counting and inaccuracy, and a fair picture of our population so regardless of immigration status, regardless of visa status if they are here as of April 1st 2020, and this is the place that they live and reside most of the time then they are to be counted for the 2020 census.”

Despite proposals from the Trump administration to include questions involving citizenship status, census officials remind people that that particular question will not be on the form, and the census will not share information with other government agencies.

Counts will begin in remote parts of Alaska in January, and most homes will begin receiving mail from the US census bureau in March.

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  • Mario
    27 September 2019 at 6:54 pm - Reply

    It was OBAMA who removed the Citizenship questions on the CENSUS, reason for that you can create a new VOTING district by the number of population. TRUMP required all federal agency, like IRS,USDA(food Stamps) HUD(Housing) to submit the number of citizen and immigrant(green card holder) in every district to Dept. of Commerce for budgetary purpose. They found out that there are 13 DISTRICT created by the past Admin that do not carry the number of citizen voters in that district.Take note; 8 out 10 biggest food stamps State are RED State. US citizen prefer to move to a GOP control state, like Texas for easier policy on food Stamps(SNAP)However, if you are a Green card holder, they will tell you to go to work and will not give you Foods stamps, not unless you are disable.Sanctuary Cities where the illegal alien lives soon will be a target of strict Fed food stamps control.This will discourage illegal, overstaying alien to go back home due to non availability of Federal Support.