U.S. Census Bureau ramps up efforts to get everyone counted

DALY CITY, CA — The U.S. government is ramping up efforts to make sure everyone is counted in America by completing the 2020 Census.

Conducted every 10 years, the Census ensures towns and cities to receive fair share of funding, services and congressional representation.

It also provides temporary jobs for door-to-door census takers.

“We do have these people that do go out, again, from the census bureau that show their official id. That official ID has the department of commerce logo, also their full name, and their picture. They also have a government-issued device that they will have on them. And of course on our website individuals can go and see what specifically to look out for and a number to call to verify,” said Ivy Daulo.

The Census Bureau tells people not to be wary or afraid of census takers.

“Census Bureau employees are there to help the households respond to the census. They are not law enforcement. We are there to help the respondents feel comfortable with the census because they may have forgotten to fill out the census by the end of April.”

The official census day was April, but the Bureau is checking in with households that had not responded from May to August.

By December, the census bureau will deliver apportionment counts to the president and Congress — as required by law.

For more information on the census, you may visit 2020census.gov.

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