U.S. Census Bureau extends deadline for self-response forms to October

To make sure everyone is counted, including children, the U.S. Census 2020 has extended until October the completion of the self-response forms. The deadline was originally scheduled on July 31, but was adjusted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, 92.7 million households have self-responded.

That’s 62.7 percent of all households in the U.S., where 50.1 percent took the U.S. Census questionnaire online.

Among those who took the census online as early as April was the Jusayan family.

Treisha Jusayan said, “Ten minutes lang, five to ten minutes lang and you can do it by phone, you can do it online, or you can also do it by paper. Very easy, very easy.”

“I thought it was really important, that’s why I did it,” Emmanuel Mendoza said. “The most important thing is at least the government would know where to dedicate the budget and for me that’s the most important thing.”

While the push to get a complete count is underway, the response rate in New York is now at 58.3 percent, that’s 4.5 points lower than the national rate of 62.7 percent.

New Jersey’s is two points higher than the national rate at 64.6 percent.

Lisa Moore, the assistant regional manager of the U.S. Census Bureau, cited some reasons why people tend to hesitate to participate.

“Fear of government is a high priority, or high concern, fear of government, not wanting to report to anyone, and maybe not feeling the what’s in it for me,” she said.

The Census result will determine how billions of federal dollars will flow into states and communities each year. Census results also determine how many seats in Congress each state will get.

“Our goal is to drive up the response rate as much as possible,” Moore said. “We only get this chance once every ten years to get it right, to get our resources, to the communities that need them, so we can thrive.”

Census enumerators will start knocking on the doors of non-responsive households from August 11.

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