U.S. casino workers among the 42 million who lost their jobs this week amid pandemic

LAS VEGAS — Signs of life inside Las Vegas casinos only comes from slot machine lights these days.

“We’re still waiting for the governor’s phase 2 program on when the casinos will be open because they are doing it in phases.”

Filipino married couple Joy and Alex Bautista have been laid off from their casino jobs in Sin City for two months. They are among the 200,000 workers in Las Vegas who filed for unemployment benefits amid the pandemic: and they have a lot to worry about.

“Because we have to pay the house bill, the mortgage, the car, insurance, utilities and food.”

Nevada has the highest jobless rate in the country, with more than 28 percent.

The week’s unemployment numbers showed even more dire outlook: 1 in 4 Americans — about 42 million — are now out of jobs.

More than 3 million applied for jobless benefits last week, including the 1.2 million self-employed and gig workers who submitted claims through the new federal program.

Efforts are underway in Capitol Hill to extend federal relief — including House Democrats bill proposal to extend the $600 bonus until the end of the year. But the Trump administration is considering a different plan.

“Instead of having $600 added to your unemployment benefits, what they’re going to do is provide $450 via your paycheck. So this is meant to be an incentive to return to work. Cause some of the Republican views, if you continue giving this $600 on top of the employment, folks have no intention to work. So this 450 that they’re proposing will be added to your paycheck, so you will receive it if you go back to work,” said Josephine Escalante.

The Bautista couple said they are eager to get back to work despite possible safety and health risks.

“Hopefully, it will go back to normal soon. Because it’s the only industry that las vegas have (has). So as much as possible maging normal uli yung buhay namin.”

Some Las Vegas casinos recently announced that they will reopen on June 4. The big question now is how many laid-off workers will actually get their jobs back.

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  • Mario
    30 May 2020 at 2:20 am - Reply

    The Stimulus unemployment is $600/week($15/hr) for 13 weeks(3mos). If you are making over $15/hr do not quit. If you are making less than $15/hr, you can QUIT and you earn more. But you can not go back to your OLD job anymore. Your Employer(Hotel) will file Stimulus money. The total of 2 months’ payroll will be given in the form of LOAN, but it will be FORGIVEN if the worker did not file an unemployment claim. The DOL will submit the name of workers who file unemployment. The TRUMP Federal Govt gives the Unemployment money to the STATE, some State gives 2 unemployment claim Federal $600/week for 13 wks, and STATE unemployment $450/week for 4 weeks. This is taxable for next year, IRS will find out if you really received the $600/week instead of $450/week. Most Employers will file STIMULUS LOAN because the interest is 1% payable in 3 years. They submit 2 mos total Payroll(to be forgiven)and operating Capital. This is their racket, the lender(BA) will ask the borrower to transfer the balance of their Co. Credit card to a new BA-Credit Card. The lender will pay off the new Credit card in form of Stimulus loan. Borrower win, Credit card is 17%, TRUMP stimulus is 1% payable in 3 years.BA clean your old credit balance, sold a new Credit card and they will service the borrower for 3 years.