U.S. Army continues to offer incentives, including expedited citizenship

After 9/11, America found itself in a series of wars, and ongoing recruitment. In recent months, however, there have been reports of green card holders in the military facing immigration problems.

But the Army says it remains a strong option — with many incentives — for legal Filipino immigrants.

According to Sgt. Anthony Bustamante, who has served in the Army under three presidents, diversity remains strong — and one of the biggest incentives for Filipinos is the path towards U.S. citizenship.

Despite recent reports of non-U.S. citizen soldiers being dismissed, jeopardizing their immigration status, Bustamante says that enlisting continues to be a fast track towards citizenship.

The requirements have remained the same. Applicants must be 18 years and older, and a legal U.S. resident with a high school diploma or equivalent.

As far as the physical requirements, every Thursday this branch in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley takes potential recruits for future soldier training where they give people a chance to get in shape for basic training.

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