U.S. airports may impose additional screenings for Ebola

By Balitang America, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Oct. 6, 2014


President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet with top health and security officials Monday to discuss whether to impose additional screenings at U.S. airports for some travelers arriving from Ebola-infected African nations.

Lawmakers are now urging the federal government to take action now.

New York Senator Charles Schumer urges the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to train border agents to screen airline passengers coming from Ebola hot pots in West Africa for fevers as they arrive in America.

Schumer says hospitals should also be provided with a list of those travelers screened for Ebola to prevent another incident that happened in a Dallas hospital, where Ebola patient Thomas Duncan was sent home even after he told the hospital staff that he had recently traveled from Liberia.

“We’re asking for two things to be done at US airports for those who come from the Ebola hotspots when they arrive,” said Senator Schumer. “One, take their temperature. Two, the much more extensive screening and list of questions that might detect if they had contact with people who have Ebola.”

But some lawmakers want the U.S. government to take things even further – they are now calling for the U.S. to halt flights from Ebola stricken nations to America.

“It just makes sense,” said Governor Bobby Jindal. “Prevention is so much better than responding after the fact. I’m calling the Obama administration – it’s just a common-sensible thing to do – why not stop the flights?”

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  • Mario
    6 October 2014 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    4 years ago Obama with executive order eliminated the quarantine power for CDC, the right to block sick travelers in entering the US.You will now understand why Ebola and EV-68 flu will spread out all over America. African nations surrounding the Ebola infected countries,immediately closed their borders, they do not permit any travelers from Liberia to get in to their country, while Obama and the Democrats still stick to open border policy.Putting back the quarantine power of the gov’t is the road in saving America.