TX immigrant advocates: Vargas not only detainee who should be released

By Merpu Roa, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

July 16, 2014

MCALLEN, Texas. – The visit of Jose Antonio Vargas, and his detention and subsequent release, energized the undocumented and pro-immigration communities here at the border city of McAllen and Rio Grand Valley in South Texas.

At a candlelight vigil in front of the McAllen Border Patrol station, dozens of immigration reform advocates Vargas supporters said they were thankful Vargas has drawn more national attention to the plight of unaccompanied minors from Central America into the US.

“This is the reality that we’ve lived forever,” said Minority Affairs Councilwoman Tania Chavez. “For Jose Antonio it was something new. So as he spends those few days with us and show him what our lives were like. He was impacted by the reality of the Rio Grande Valley, of what a border community looks like, what it’s like to be trapped in a cage.”

They believed their presence at the US border detention facility, and vigorous campaign in mainline and social media, have contributed to the release of Vargas. They do not believe it was due to special treatment because of his popularity.

“It’s probably one of the reasons. Because of the support and turnout of the Rio Grande Valley, a border region, and kept making calls, and kept asking for his liberation, that we feel and think that he is able to be released,” said Minority Affairs Council’s Luis Maldonado.

“And it wouldn’t be for the support of the Rio Grande Valley community, he would not have been let go,” said Chavez.

They are also drawing attention to the thousands of undocumented immigrants who are trapped in the Rio Grande Valley because they can’t present legal documents at border checkpoints.

“We are here today because even though Jose Antonio has been released, there are many undocumented families who still have relatives inside the detention facility and there are many children who are still being detained just across the street,” Chavez said.

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  • noz
    16 July 2014 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    what the heck is this rio grande valley community?. is this now mexico sitting in USA soil?, a dominant hispanic community into supporting illegalities of out of control illegal aliens, shamelessly protesting to a lost of control government, comparable to a vehicle tragically in collision head on, with obummer on the wheel. americans used to say the russians are coming to shoot. this time, the disrespectful illegal aliens are invading to do home invasions, spitting on the laws of the land. too disgusting, obama is into the welfare of these illegal aliens, instead of the welfare of america and americans. obama created this horrible unstoppable mess with the stroke of his pen, then engaged on the double talking blame games with the legislative congress, as cover of his refusal to use his pen to ship back all these mob of illegal aliens, getting rid of them ASAP is to save america. illegal aliens are screaming they are good for america is insulting to americans, knowing all they have brought to america are social and financial miseries. americans are supportive of restrained legal aliens. illegal aliens are into pinocchio litany, lining themselves to legal aliens in order to confuse the public, to gain the camaraderie of gullible americans. it was noted by a BA poster, the supporters of these illegal aliens are illegal alien themselves. as usual, BA have put upfront on TV, the gullible, drooler, admiring an illegal alien to fight the cause of illegal aliens and their illegalities.

  • JRB
    17 July 2014 at 12:03 am - Reply

    You dozens of immigration reform adocates vargas supporters think vargas got national attention? Your all are full of shit, look in the yahoo news and see what the real Americans feel about this Filipino Vargas? Look at the real comments coming from the Americans if they could shoot him they will? They don’t like him he is a loser, how can he be walking around America with-out papers? He has broken the law of America, we Americans should kick his big ass out of America? Go back from were you came from and his family that brought him here to America at 12 years old should pay a big fine of $250,000.00? Because they broke the law of America.