Two treated for serious injuries after Vallejo High explosion

VALLEJO, Calif. – Filipino students were among those who were evacuated at Vallejo High School after Vallejo firefighters received reports of an explosion inside a computer lab/photo studio at about 8:20 a.m.

The blast – which authorities say is a natural gas explosion – injured two school district employees performing maintenance in the room.

Both employees have been rushed to the hospital for serious injuries. Balitang America is still trying to determine if any of them are Filipino.

Authorities say there were no students inside the building at the time, and no students were injured. The photo lab is in a building separate from others on campus.

A few Pinoy students say they did not hear an explosion, but they did smell gas.

Two hours after the explosion, authorities say the dangers have been isolated and mitigated and classes at Vallejo High resumed. Students were given the option to go back to class or to go home.
The cause of the blast is still under investigation.

For now, Vallejo High officials are blaming the incident on the Bay Area earthquake in August, saying the school district employees turned the gas on after repairing damage from the quake which resulted in the blast.

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