Trump’s visit to California includes San Diego border prototype visit, talk about sanctuary cities

SAN DIEGO, CA — A jam-packed 22 hours in California for President. Donald Trump, who made his rounds through southern California where he got a first-hand look at the border wall prototypes being built.

“We need it for the drugs. We need it for the gangs we need it for lots of reasons we have to have it. It’ll be 99.5 percent successful people won’t be able to come over the drugs will stop by a lot. Although we have to get a lot tougher with drug dealers. Have to,” said Trump. But that wall will stop so much we looked at the different prototypes and it was fascinating. We have 2 or 3 that really work, we had people trying to scale. We’ve done it every way. You know I’m a builder; what I do best is build.”

As he made his first visit to the country’s largest sanctuary state, the President made sure to bring up immigration issues.

“My administration is confronting sanctuary city policies that nullify federal law violate our constitution, and threaten the safety and security of our nation. They shield criminals. We can’t do that. That is why we’re asking Congress to ensure that no federal funds subsidize this dangerous and unlawful behavior.”

That action came earlier this week with a lawsuit brought on by attorney general Jeff Sessions after conservative groups lobbied against California’s sanctuary state status.


“We’re excited that he’s doing something about that and trying to get them to do redress for that,” said Rachel Gunther.

The border wall and a sanctuary crackdown were just a couple of topics that the president touched on as he spoke to Marines at the Marines Corps Air Station, to whom he promised pay raises and upgrades.

As President Trump rallied up the troops with his plans to strengthen security, others rallied across the state to denounce those plans, especially when it comes to immigration.


For two days protestors rallied throughout San Diego.

“The fight matters more when the people take to the streets and launch massive protests like this. When we are organized we cannot be broken,” said Shanika Laco.

The protest followed him into Beverly Hills on Tuesday night where he attended a fundraiser dinner hosted by a Hollywood power couple.


But there were other activists taking a stand in a different way the Filipino Migrant Center in joined the Long Beach City Council meeting, where officials passed its version of a sanctuary city ordinance that includes a defense fund for immigrants facing deportation.

The President left Los Angeles early this morning for St. Louis, where he will discuss economic issues.


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