Trump’s special guest list at SOTU to include recent shooting survivors, reformed criminals

President Donald Trump takes his case to the American people tonight with the annual presidential State of the Union address.

In his delayed speech before a joint-session of Congress at the House of Representatives, Trump is expected to call for unity and will speak on jobs, border security, abortion rights, among other issues.

There will also be a number of people in the audience brought in by lawmakers as special guests.

The White House has released a list of 13 guests invited by the president for the State of the Union.

Among them are law enforcement, the family survivors of people killed by undocumented immigrants, as well as reformed criminals and victims of bullying.

Trump will also bring in a survivor and first responder from last year’s Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Some Democrats will bring vocal critics of the president’s agenda, as well as victims of recent mass shootings.

Congressman TJ Cox is using his guest list to highlight the federal workers who were impacted by the recent government shutdown.

The California congressman announced that he will be bringing Raj Kaur, a federal law enforcement officer from Mendota.

Kaur, a single mother who is on medical leave for her cancer had her pay disrupted during the shutdown.

Cox had previously highlighted Kaur’s story in his first speech on the floor.

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  • Mario
    6 February 2019 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    The media does not want you to see, hear, Trump SOTU, watch at YOUTUBE: “Trump Full 2019 SOTU address.” Speech highlights are;(1) US will never be a Socialist country,Democrat program on “Medicare for all” a socialist agenda,cost $ 33 Trillion in 10 yrs,American will be tax up to 70-77%.(2)US economy is consider as the Hottest economy in the world, Trump created 5.3M jobs,600K manufacturing jobs,5M lifted from Food stamps, Asian,Hispanic,African Amer.LOWEST un employment ever recorded,157 M
    American are working highest ever recorded,(3)US is the #1 World oil and Gas producer, and US became the Net oil(finished/refined product)exporter first time in 65 yrs, 3.2% GDP today started from Obama GDP of 1.8%. (4)Great Nation do not fight endless war, $7 Trillion spend in ME for 19 yrs of fighting and we did not GAIN nothing.(5)Wall works, Wall save lives, Trump had done more in just 2 years, compared to any Prez in 8 yrs. Victory is not winning for the Party it is winning for the country.