Trump’s Fil-Am campaign head organizes lockdown protest amid pandemic

In Southern California, one of the most active participants of President Trump’s campaign is now taking a stand against the state’s safe at home orders.
They want out. From coast to coast, protestors have hit the streets, calling for an end to the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Many of those taking part in these actions have been supporters of President Donald Trump who want to liberate states that had gun rights under siege.
Rachel Gunther, who has been a California leader in President Trump’s past two election campaigns, didn’t join any of the local California actions — but she believes people are growing frustrated over the safe at home orders.
“It’s going to take a toll on you, especially when you have bills to pay, you’ve got a family to feed, these rules they’re just not practical. THey’re not practical and theres no end in sight. When are we going to open up?”
Gunther is organizing a caravan on May 1st to call for an end to the lockdowns. But Organizing has been hard, as Facebook is now banning the posting of certain events. Her original event page had been taken down, But she said this will not deter their group.
“We’re planning one, a very peaceful one, we don’t anticipate to be confrontational, the rally is going to start out as a caravan of cars in Long Beach where I’m from, and we’re going to take the side streets, along the harbor freeway to get ot Harbor City hall and we’re hoping we can just peacefully protest not even protest but peacefully express our voice. The bottom line is freedom is essential.:
Los Angeles county, which surpassed 700 deaths on Tuesday, has been on safe at home orders since mid-March, while Gunther is hoping business could re-open she believes it can be done safely, with care for the elderly and those with respiratory issues.
“These vulnerable demographics should be quarantined, and the people that are healthy should be allowed to go. They should go back to work, open businesses, go to school, theres are the people who’s choices have been taken away from.”
As she tries to do her duties for Trump’s reelection campaign, she said she also approves of the way President Trump has handled the pandemic, from his early border closures, to his daily briefings.


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