Fire at Trump Tower; one dead, six firefighters injured

NEW YORK — Tragedy at Trump Tower New York over the weekend; after a man was killed and six firefighters were injured in an apartment fire on the 50th floor of the tower last Saturday.

About 200 firefighters came to the scene and quickly extinguished the 4-alarm fire before it made its way to other apartments.

But 67-year-old Todd Brassner was found unconscious and unresponsive in his apartment.

He was pronounced dead in a nearby hospital according to authorities.


“It was a very difficult fire, as you can imagine, the apartment is quite large, we are 50 stories up, the rest of the building had a considerable amount of smoke. It took a lot of members, 200 firefighters and EMS members are on the scene. We had many floors
To search, and stairways,” said New York Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro.

While Trump Tower is home to the President’s 66th-floor penthouse, the Trump organization as well as other officers, stores and other residents, authorities say, President Donald Trump and members of the Trump family were not in the building at that time.


“We don’t know the cause of the fire yet. Units went up with the secret service afterwards– to check the president’s residence. Some smoke reached the rest of the building — whether it is in the apartment, I don’t know right now.”

The President then tweeted: “Fire at Trump Tower is out. Very confined. Well built building. Firemen and women did a great job. Thank you!”


Eric Trump also tweeted and thanked the amazing men and women of the NYPD who extinguished the fire.

But both Trump’s were silent about the death of the Trump Tower resident who owned a blazed $2.5 million apartment.

As Trump boasted about the “very well built building,” it turns out that the upper residential floors have no automatic sprinkler system according to fire commissioner Nigro.

Smoke-activated sprinkler systems in skyscrapers were required by civil building codes several years after Trump Tower opened its doors.

Retrofitting buildings like Trump Tower can only be forced to do so when large-scale renovations are undertaken.

Efforts to force developers like the Trump organizations have been met with resistance.

The New York Daily News reported that about 2o years ago, then real estate mogul Trump lobbied against then Mayor Giulliani’s legislation to require all residential buildings to install smoke activated sprinkler systems.

In an email to BA, Trump Tower spokesperson Amanda Miller said: “Like hundreds of other condominiums and co-ops in the city of New York, the residential portion of Trump Tower is owned by individual unit owners and controlled by an independent board of managers.”

According to the Trump organization, any changes in the residential part of Trump Tower would have to be done by the homeowners association and not the Trump organization.


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