Trump to address abortion issue in upcoming State of the Union address

On Tuesday evening, the national issue of abortion rights, which has drawn massive protests and rallies over the years from both sides, would be addressed here, inside the house chamber.

It is one of the areas the president is expected to talk about in his State of the Union address, according to a senior administration official.

The president’s decision to focus on the issue comes after recent legislative actions were made in New York and Virginia.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill on January 22nd decriminalizing abortion and legalizing the procedure after 24 weeks for health reasons.

In Virginia, a democratic delegate proposed a bill that would have lifted restrictions on late-term abortions. The controversial bill was defeated in subcommittee.

Both measures have reignited a national debate on this divisive and sensitive issue. Having it included in the State of the Union address, according to many, would just be fanning the flames.

“As much as people worried about what he’s going to mention whether it’s abortion or immigration that they’re just proposals ultimately it’s the congress that write the laws that impact people’s lives,” said Arvind Swamy.

Fil-Am Arvind Swamy has worked as a political strategist for various political candidates. He said Trump’s motivation at this stage is to not lose the support of his base.

According to a recent Public Religion Research Institute poll, white Evangelicals remain the only religious group in America to view Pres. Trump favorably.

“I think we should be wary of what he says and take to heart what his agenda is going to be and at the same time also realize that the House is now controlled by Democrats and we have a divided government so he’s not going to be able to get everything he wants.”

Since being in office, previously Republican-led Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

After midterm elections, the administration pushed two new rules in a crackdown on abortion rights including allowing any employer to deny birth control coverage mandated by Obamacare on the basis of moral or religious exemptions.


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  • Mario
    5 February 2019 at 2:45 am - Reply

    ANTI-Abortion a winning political issue by the Trump administration. From 1973 to 2000, there are 40 Million recorded abortion (killing babies),if their mother should allowed this children to live, chances are this are also future Democrat voters and Trump should had never been elected. Because of Democrat in favor on Abortion they alienated Christian/Evangelical voters, this helped Trump to win election. When Trump got elected as campaign promised, signed an ExecOrder LIFTED the Jonhson Amendment,(church will lose their tax free priviledges if they talk politics inside the church) and today a bill is being pass for HS students to get extra credit if they attend Bible teaching on all Public HSch. Evangelical votes is 90 Million strong for Trump.Democrat supported LGBT, but they are not capable of producing children as future voters. The only hope for Democrats to win election is OPEN BORDERS and give give amnesty to 25-30 Million illegal alien.