Trump threatens to shut down Twitter after his tweets on mail-in voting were fact-checked

As the U.S.  continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic — while marking at least 100,000 deaths, President Trump focused his energy on railing against social media companies this week, zeroing in on the social media platform he frequently uses: Twitter.

Just a day before, in an unprecedented move, Twitter added a fact-check link on a tweet of President Trump’s, wherein he claimed that mail-in voting would be equivalent to electoral fraud.

In the past, Twitter has been accused of ignoring Trump’s line-crossing for far too long.

Twitter placed a clickable link under Trump’s tweet that would lead a reader to news stories from CNN and the Washington Post debunking the baseless allegations that mail-in voting would lead to voter fraud.

On Tuesday during the regular White House coronavirus press briefing, Trump reiterated why he’s very much against mail-

When it comes to his response to Twitter’s first-ever fact check on him, Trump is now threatening to shut down the social media network, accusing Twitter of stifling freedom of speech.

Trump added that Republicans feel that social media platforms totally silence conservatives’ voices. He said they will strongly regulate, or close them down, before they can ever allow this to happen.

Industry leaders have come to twitter’s defense saying they did the right thing and it is wrong for Trump to retaliate with threats of regulation and a shutdown of their services.

Under a provision of federal communications law, Twitter has the right to enforce its terms of service against any user who violates them.

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