Trump still reeling from Trumpcare, executive action defeats

by Don Tagala, ABS-CBN News


WASHINGTON, DC — A major setback for President Donald Trump after the American Health Care Act, or “Trumpcare,” died a natural death in Congress even before it was put to vote on the floor.

Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, called off a house vote, knowing that they didn’t have the support to make good on Trump’s campaign battle promise: to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“I will not sugarcoat this this is a disappointing day for us. Doing big things is hard,” said Ryan. “All of us all of us, myself included… we all need time to reflect on how we got to this moment, what we could have done to do it better.”

“I never said repeal it and replace it with in 64 days,” Trump said. “I have a long time but i want to have a great health care bill and plan. And we will. It will happen and it won’t be in the very distant future.”

The President remained optimistic, despite suffering his biggest presidential defeat so far.

He even blamed the Democrats for not voting to repeal and replace their own party’s cornerstone legislation, that provided about 20 million people with healthcare.

“We had no Democrat support. We had no votes from the Democrats. They weren’t going to give us a single vote. So it’s a very difficult thing to do.”

For some Filipinos in new jersey who benefit from Obamacare – Trumpcare’s defeat is a victory.

This filipino nurse says to be able to enroll her kids who are under 26 years-old as dependents, under her insurance, is one reason why Obamacare works for her.

“My only opinion is I don’t think he has a plan, he just wings it,” said Marivic de Guia. “So I really don’t think he has a solution, so it’s all talk…”

“Hindi niya alam ang ginagawa niya, sa totoo lang, hindi niya alam, yun lang ang sa kain, I still like Obama,” said Lorely Cudia.

For Gee Farrales, if Trumpcare was passed, her mom who is a senior with limited income would not be able to afford Trumpcare.

According to the congressional budget office, insurance premiums are expected to rise 15% under Trumpcare– and leave 24 million people uninsured.

“With a limited income that she has right now, it’s gonna be difficult for her,” said Farrales. “Mahihirapan siya magbayad ng monthly premium, if she runs out of healthcare.”

She says, when it comes to health-care policy, there is no viable conservative alternative to Obamacare.

“I believe that they should not repeal Obamacare totally. Instead they should change or make it better, so this way the flaws in Obamacare…if there are any high premiums, they should just focus on that.”

With an immigration executive action blocked by courts, no guarantee that Mexico will pay for his planned immigration border wall, and now a failed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare  — the President who promised to win already has some big losses on his score card in his first two months in office.


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