Trump spends working and golfing weekend in New Jersey, met with protestors

BEDMINSTER, NJ — President Donald Trump was in New Jersey, where he hoped to spend a quiet working weekend. But both protesters and scrutiny followed him.

On Saturday, while the president spent some time playing golf, protesters held a motorcade passing in front of his private Somerset county golf club.

Many came out they say to let their local officials know that they are not in support of the American Health Care Act, which the House passed on Thursday.

“This is the first time we’ve came out to a rally like this, you know for any political purpose whatsoever.  It’s because people feel so strongly about the issues right now,” said Joe Liccese, a resident from Somerset County. “In New Jersey, congressional seats are going to change because of this.”

Liccese says he believes that holding actions like this, regardless of the size, or where it’s being held, matters.

“For every person that shows up to one of these rallies, there’s hundreds more that would have the same feelings and have the same disagreements, but don’t come out to these sort of things.”

A handful of Trump supporters also showed up outside the town’s library where the motorcade ended.

“I just wanted him to know that these protests do not represent the silent majority of Americans who do support him and support his policies, so I think it’s important that I came out here and show my support,” said  Jonathan Diverso, a Bedminster resident.

Meanwhile, the president once again defends his decision to spend his weekend away from the White House.

On Friday, he tweeted that staying in Bedminster saves the government money.

On Saturday, he sent out a tweet saying New York City is much more expensive and disruptive.

According to reports, it costs over $300,000 per day to secure Trump Tower and surrounding areas in New York City, compared to $12,000 for each day in Bedminster.

Bedminster is a small farm town in central Jersey, and the protesters made as much noise as they could to make their voices heard. They promised to be here every weekend that President Trump comes into town.  Meanwhile, the President’s supporters promised to be here as well.

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