Trump signs executive order targeting social media giants

This week, the U.S. surpassed the 100,000 mark in coronavirus-related deaths.

News headlines showed how the pandemic has impacted the U.S. the most in terms of numbers…

Besides the mounting death toll — the U.S. reported more than 1.7 million confirmed COVID-19 cases – accounting for most of the world’s almost 6 million coronavirus infections.

President Trump and his wife Melania, who traveled to Florida on Wednesday, remained mum when asked about the alarming death toll numbers.

But on Thursday morning, Trump finally sent out a tweet — calling it a ‘very sad milestone’ and sent his sympathies to those who lost loved-ones in the pandemic.

In contrast to Trump, his political rival, former vice president Joe Biden, released a video, expressing his sympathies to those who are grieving, as he drew upon his own family loss.

Trump signs executive order targeting social media giants

President Trump is also ramping up his attacks against Twitter after the social media giant fact-checked his tweets on mail-in ballots.

Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that would push the Federal Communications Commission to issue new rules on some website protections in the Communications Decency Act, to remove liability protections for digital communications services if they restrict content in a way that is deceptive and inconsistent with their platforms’ terms of services.

Industry analysts expect the social media giants to fight the order in court.

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  • Mario
    29 May 2020 at 1:42 am - Reply

    TRUMP and Melania to Florida to witness ELON MUSK Space X rocket launch, CANCEL due to bad weather, good campaign promotion on Trump, 100M viewers and postponed for Saturday…. MAIL-IN Ballots will result in Fraud, illegal Alien, DEAD voters, Fake Ballots can be printed, and just fill it in and drop into the mailBox, This is one way to defeat TRUMP this coming election. TRUMP and followers tweeted for ANTI-Mail IN Ballot, it was DELETED, only PRO-Mail-in Ballots were published. This resulted in TRUMP signing an Exec Order to take down the SocMedia platform. Remember SocMedia gave 2.5M votes to HClinton and voters were made to believe the Muller RussiaGate resulted to defeat of GOP on the Congress during the midterm. TRUMP is aware it will happen again.TRUMP signed Exec Order for SocMedia and big Tech Co.Trump said is what they are doing is tantamount to monopoly(anti-Trust law)TRUMP directed his AG BARR to enforce the law against the deceptive business practice as well as misinformation and political bias.TRUMP will lose on Sec 230, Freedom of speech but will win on anti-Trust law(monopoly).