Trump says deportation of thousands will begin “sometime after July 4th”

President Donald Tump reiterated that his threats to deport thousands of undocumented immigrants will happen, and it will begin “sometime after July 4th.”

The massive ICE operation was supposed to start last month, but Trump called it off on June 22nd to allow Congress to work on new laws to deal with the border crisis.

But the president said there hasn’t been much progress — and so immigration officials are going ahead with the planned raids.

Some immigrant rights groups have started a GoFundme account to help those arrested with their legal fees.

With multiple raids coming up in 10 cities, Mark Morgan, chief of CBP, asked local law enforcement agencies for cooperation.

He said, “Work with us to do this in a humane, compassionate, non-violent, non-aggressive manner to enforce the law.”

Some police forces have refused to help ice with their enforcement efforts.

Morgan said the lives of ice agents are at risk when local police don’t help them with backup or information. He pointed out that the immigrants to be deported are violent offenders.

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  • Mario
    4 July 2019 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    TRUMP called off June 22 deportation to allow Congressional Democrat to work with a new law to deal with border crisis. As expected, Democrat wanted Trump to fail. Only FOX channel will air the July 4th parade. The Globalist control ABC,CBS,NBC, and MSNBC hate Trump more than they loved their country.Kennedy was the last POTUS to parade missiles and Tanks during July 4th. Kids, Adult, wearing red, white and blue, most of them had small flag in their attire and proud of American greatness.It is a must for PINOY parents and children to watch this freedom parade.It is for a change on the dreams and inspirations for our PINOY children to have stronger foundation. Anti Trump DEMOCRAT media only cover GAY parade, everywhere and anywhere in the US. In my opinion they are trying to implant into the mind of PINOYS children, that being GAY or BAKLA is better than being a PINOY MATCHO. Wake up Kabayan. After July 4th DEPORTATION begins, more jobs,wage increase, time for them to go back home.