Trump met by protests during first visit to NYC as president

House Republicans may have successfully passed the bill that repeals and replaces Obamacare, but it’s expected to face challenges in the Senate from some Republicans who are skeptical of the House effort.

As Trumpcare overcomes more hurdles before it reaches the President’s desk for signing, New Yorkers took to the streets to express their views.

Protests have been planned since hearing of Trump’s New York trip.

But the number of people who came out to these protests grew — after the House passed the Affordable Care Act Thursday afternoon.

Where Trump addressed the crowd during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of  WWII’s Battle of the Coral Sea.

These two women left work early to be at the anti-Trump protest. They wanted to voice their opposition to the ACA and Trump’s other policies.

“It has to be fixed, definitely; it’s not perfect. But why start from the ground up? Just work with what we have,” said Janice Henderson, Brooklyn, NY. “The same thing that happens with Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security. It wasn’t perfect in the beginning.”

Trump supporters also came out Thursday afternoon.  They say New Yorkers should give the president a chance.

“Trump is America’s president. Whether you like Trump or you don’t like Trump, Trump represents America,” said Caroline.

“I’m here, I’m defending my community. I’m here to show Donald Trump that we are not criminals. We are not rapists. We are here just to work to support our family,” said Droa Villalva, Queens, NY.

President Trump is at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey this weekend. It’s his first time there since his last visit in November, as President-elect.

Planned protests are also expected in New Jersey this weekend.


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  • Juan
    6 May 2017 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    You can keep your healthcare, your Doctor,save $2,500 a year, Obama campaigned this 32 times.Obamacare/Democrat/Pelosi LIED,resulted to a big lost of 1000+ Democrat electoral and Presidential seats..The GOP can not afford to make the same mistakes, they promised to lower premium, we will see or else they lose electoral seats. Trumpcare repeal has long, way to go,several bills,changes to follow. Pre-existing conditions will be the main issues,under Obamacare, were are paying ACNE, ANXIETY,abortion, Panic attack,toothache, male/female/gays with multiple sex partners, got sick with Syphilis,Gonorhea, etc. why should I pay, it was cause by their bad behaviors, they should buy additional High risk Insurance.For Asthma,Cancer,Stroke,Atritist, etc. this are diseases,OK,I am willing to pay. Majority in IOWA,Kansas,Virginia,soon or does not have insurance,due to high cost of ACA premium. Aetna, more Insurance Carrier will shut down. To pass this bill NOW, will not earn votes,voters easily forget,voters will not believed Obamacare premium will rise up to the roof, they should feel it.In my opinion, Trump will sign this bill next year before the 2018 November election. More sufferings under Obamacare to come…..