Pres. Trump in California visiting US-Mexico border wall prototypes

SAN DIEGO, CA — President Donald Trump touched down in at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego on Tuesday morning, visiting the prototypes of the US-Mexican border.

He’s expected to address members of the military this afternoon before heading to a fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

Activists in San Diego got a head start in protesting President Trump’s California visit and his stance on immigration on Monday night.

One protest at the San Diego Federal Building drew in some 200 immigrant rights activists, including members of Anakbayans San Diego chapter — which criticized Trump’s support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial war on drugs.

“People have the right to migrate make a living and survive and that is why The people must fight back and resist. We are against fascism and trump and his continuing militarization of the border,” said Shanika Laco, Anakbayan San Diego.

While protests are expected to follow the president on this overnight stay, Filipino Republicans like Rachel Gunther are welcoming the commander in chief with open arms.

Gunther ran the Trump campaign’s Southern California headquarters during the 2016 elections, and has since led initiatives against illegal immigration.

“The fact he’s going to San Diego primarily to look at the different prototypes of the wall is exciting because that gives us a signal that the wall is definitely going to be built. Our border, our southern border to start, or as the example for kind of border that we’re going to have the kind of wall we’re going to have, is very wonderful that he’s doing it here. We’re excited about that.”

Trump’s first California visit as president comes as his administration is filing a lawsuit against the state’s sanctuary policies.

The former television host will be going back to his showbiz roots at the Beverly Hills fundraiser, hosted by a Hollywood power couple.

The cost of the dinner is $35,000.

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