Trump, GOP senators unveil bill that drastically limits legal immigration

In an effort to fulfill his campaign promise to put America and Americans first, President Donald Trump endorsed a modified version of an immigration bill first introduced by Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia in April — which aims to cut the issuance of new green cards by half.

Its authors say the number of green cards awarded each year — about a million — is excessive. In one year, the bill would reduce it to around 600,000. In the next ten years, it would fall to about 500,000.

Trump said the rapid increase of immigration had caused Americans to lose jobs, and had put the country’s national security at risk.

Immigrants who are welcome in the US under this new bill are skilled ones.

“The Raise Act and chain migration and replaces our low-skilled system with a new points-based system for receiving a green card. This competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak English, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. The raise act prevents new migrants and new immigrants from collecting welfare, and protects US workers from being displaced.”

Those affected by the merit-based system are extended family members of US citizens and legal permanent residents seeking to get green cards through family petitions.

Those cut from the list are grown children and siblings. Minor children and spouses would still be eligible to apply for green cards.

US citizens needing to take care of elderly parents can receive renewable, temporary visas for them.
The Raise Act would also cut the number of refugee visas to only 50,000 a year.

It would also eliminate the diversity visa lottery program that awarded 50,000 green cards a year to countries with low rates of immigration to the US.

Trump said America’s current immigration has been unfair to US citizens and workers, and that has to change.

“Crucially, the green card reforms in the Raise Act will give American workers a pay raise by reducing unskilled immigration. This legislation will not only restore our competitive edge in the 21st century, but it will restore the sacred bonds of trust between America and its citizens,” Trump said. “This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families who deserve an immigration system that puts their needs first, and that puts America first.”

It remains to be seen just how much support this bill will get from the Senate. Political experts say Democrats are going to stand against it, and liberal Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona are likely opponents.

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  • kikay pango
    2 August 2017 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    Yes yes yes, great bill . Expedite deporting illegals Mr President to make America better again .

  • Mario
    2 August 2017 at 5:19 pm - Reply

    Trump introduced a modified version on Immigration bill known as Raise Act-Immigrant should know how to speak English, demonstrate some skills that can contribute to the economy and family and relatives can financially support the new arrival immigrants. Filipino immigrants has all the advantages, the news Media was wrong when they said only UK and Australia can come to US because of their knowledge in English..Source Google; The PH is the second English speaking country when it comes to population. #1 is USA 332M population-96% speak English. # 2 Philippines- 103M and 93% speak English, # 3 UK 65M-98%, # 4 Canada 33M-86%, # 5 Australia 25K-97% speak English.Raise Act also include the reduction on the issuance of green cards for Immigrant from 1M a year to 500K for the next 10 yrs.Trump never mentioned on DACA and Anchor baby…. time to go back home and start falling in line…