Trump focuses on improving job numbers in U.S. over record-high coronavirus cases

The U.S. has more than 50,000 coronavirus cases in just a 24-hour period, before the July 4 weekend. At least 23 states have paused reopening plans to slow down infections.

The U.S. has more than 2.7 million cases of COVID-19, with over 128,000 deaths.

President Trump addressed concerns at a White House press briefing, touting his administration’s economic gains, with a new report showing a record 4.8 million jobs returning in June, and the unemployment rate falling to 11.1 percent, as the job market improved a second straight month thanks to states’ reopening.

Trump claimed that his administration has implemented an aggressive strategy to get rid of of the virus and protect high-risk Americans — while allowing those at lower risk to return safely to work.

“Our health experts continue to address the temporary hotspots in certain cities and counties, and we’re working very hard on that, where the relationship with the governors is very good.

All of these people are working with governors and local officials to restore our best practices. And that’s what we’ve done. That includes face covering, social distancing, testing and personal hygiene. Wash your hands. State officials will decide how rapidly to open their economies. That’s largely up to them.”

Immediately after Trump’s statements to the media, wherein he did not take questions from reporters, his Democratic rival, former vice president Joe Biden, spoke via live-stream from his home.

He hit Trump for not even addressing the 50,000 new cases in a single day, or the fact that the virus has already claimed the lives of so many Americans.

The latest Reuters / Ipsos poll shows Biden leading Trump by 13 points – with just four months to go before the November presidential election.

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