Trump explores help for renters, unemployed as stimulus bill stalls in Congress

President Donald Trump’s team is exploring an executive order to suspend evictions for renters who can’t make rent payments, suspend the payroll tax, as well as reinstate expanded federal unemployment benefits. But some critics are already questioning the legality of this possible move by the White House.

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  • Mario
    6 August 2020 at 9:31 pm - Reply

    The Democrat offer for 3.5Trillion, The GOP want to give 1 Trillion. The Dems plan are; Continuation of $600/wk for 13 wks,BAIL OUT Cities, Town, States, that was destroyed, burned and looted by BLM, and Antifa.TRUMP said NO BAIL OUT, it is the fault of the Governor, Mayors in cahoots with the rioters. The GOP wanted to reduce the PUA from $600to $200/wk for 13 wks, so that workers will go back to their old job and continue the $270/wk for 39 wks. Waiver protection for business owners from legal suit due to COVID, your customer got covid after eating, he can not SUE the business owner. The Dem said NO, the Asso. of Lawyers are the biggest Donors to the Dems Party. They can sue all businesses left and right until they get bankcrupt. Payroll Tax, was made on 2017 and it stimulated the economy. Then another Payroll Tax for 2020 by the GOP, Dems BLOCK it. Eviction extension ended, Trump want to extend Eviction to avoid homelessness. If the GOP and DEMS can not agree TRUMP Presidential power on Executive Order will be implemented.