Trump declares national emergency to free up federal funds to fight COVID-19

The United States is now under a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak.

President Donald Trump, under mounting pressure to act as most states step up their own emergency plans, enacted the Stafford Act, allowing the federal government to give more aid to states and cities.

This comes as White House officials and top Democrats work on a second coronavirus aid package.

Fil-Am Virginia congressman Bobby Scott is one of the co-sponsors of the bill that Congress hopes to pass on Friday.

The measure builds on an emergency $8.3 billion bill President Donald Trump signed last week.

This second coronavirus aid package includes paid sick leave, free testing, food assistance and unemployment insurance.

This emergency declaration meanwhile, would allow states to request more federal aid to help combat the deadly virus.

So far 33 states have declared emergencies. As of Friday, $1,000 National Guard troops have been deployed to 6 states.

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