Trump, Clinton clash over economy, jobs, and taxes in first debate

A record-breaking 81 million viewers watched presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head to head on the economy, jobs, and taxes during their first debate. Don Tagala was there and brings us the highlights in this report.

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  • Mario
    28 September 2016 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    In the first half of the debate Trump was winning, on the 2nd half, the moderator was able to find out Trump weakness and focus on the issue of birther. Actually Clinton started Obama’s birth certificate during 2008 campaign, but they blame it to Trump as the originator and he had the hard time to defend himself.For me Clinton was aggressive while Trump became defensive on the later part. Clinton showed that she was well prepared and from me Clinton slightly won the debate.What was shocking after the debate was, all leftist media,NY Time, Wash Post, Politico and TV news media in their survey Trump won by a wide margin during the debate.The message is dangerous to Democrat Party, voters are tired of the present Administration, Americans want Change and will vote for Trump being the less evil than lying Hillary Clinton.