Trump claims he didn’t want to cause panic after reports that he downplayed COVID-19

President Donald Trump defends his actions after veteran journalist Bob Woodward’s new book claims he downplayed the coronavirus pandemic. While Trump’s Democratic presidential rival, Joe Biden, accuses him of lying to the American people, the president says he didn’t want people to be frightened. Our North America Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc has the details in this report.

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  • Mario
    10 September 2020 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    Jan31,Trump imposed the CHINA travel banned,TF Virus was created, FEB5, IMPEACHMENT ended. TRUMP continues to rally and downplay COVID until March. Mar23, the US economy down due to COVID, from DOW 29500, down to 18,600, Trump inherited at 18,200 after the election of Nov7. DEMS focus on COVID as a major issue, WRONG it is the Economy, “When HUNGER strikes, LOVE fades away”, your wife will leave you if you can not provide foods on top of the table, people do not care if you are DEMS or GOP. TRUMP had proven/built the BEST US economy in US history. People confident he can do it again. DEMS or GOP they always vote their party candidate no matter what, it is the INDEPENDENT voters that TRUMP got elected. 2016 52%, do not want to share with whom they will vote, that 52% were the silent voters for TRUMP. 2020 62% do not want to talk fearing of losing their jobs. Sep2016 HC leading by 10-15 pt, SEP2020 Biden leading only 3-5 pts, BIDEN in PANIC. Common sense, Trump dream of winning, winning, and winning, therefore, VACCINE will be distributed BEFORE the election, to win more votes. .