Trump campaign aims to appeal to female voters in suburban districts

QUEENS, NY — President Donald Trump already knows can draw a large, excited crowd to any of his rallies for his re-election campaign. His approval rating among his supporters is around 80 percent, according to polls.

Fil-Am Myrna Littleworth of Queen is among them.

“There are values that we believe together like he’s a pro-life too and he believes in the values of the Republican party.”

But recent polls have consistently shown that President Trump’s job approval rating has not improved, especially among women voters.

In a new Politico Morning Consult poll, Trump’s approval rating among women is 39 percent, while 58 percent disapprove with 46 percent strongly disapprove.

From a CBS News poll, 58 percent of female respondents said Trump is doing a very bad or somewhat of a bad job.

His recent inconsistent stand on national issues like gun control and tariffs does not help.

“All politicians change their minds according to how it will fit their ideals. And they can change their mind. Everyone of us, we’ll have some ideas now and change afterwards, it depends. So it’s just normal. It’s a normal behavior of a human being.”

But Trump’s campaign know they need more than just their supporters like Littleworth.

Last week, the campaign dispatched more than a dozen of his most loyal female supporters to key 2020 battleground states to mobilize women voters. One of their stops was Tampa, Florida.

According to political strategists, Trump needs suburban women votes to win in 2020 — a critical voting block that did not vote for Republican candidates in the midterm elections last year.

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